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Antiaging Treatments


​ Aging is a natural process for living beings that affects not only our appearance but also our physical and emotional well-being. ​ Our outward appearance reflects the functioning of our cells and internal organs. ​

What is the Benevita Approach?

At Benevita, we practice regenerative medicine, which is focused on improving the general functioning of the face, body, and mind to achieve complete well-being over time.

This approach allows you to have a healthy life associated with a beautiful and harmonious appearance.


Facial maintenance anti-aging

Rejuvenation is significant, as is the prevention of skin aging. To achieve longer-lasting results, we suggest constant maintenance. For this, a good home care regimen and a visit to the office to exfoliate dead cells accumulated on the skin's surface, as well as the reapplication of nutrients, minerals, plasma, Botox, and Juvederm with the appropriate frequency, are essential.

Managing ideal weight during adult life

Throughout life, our bodies have different energy requirements, and as a result, our diets should also differ. A baby's diet is not the same as that of an 8-year-old child, a growing adolescent, a pregnant woman, an adult, or an older adult, and even calorie requirements differ between women and men. These differences should be considered to maintain an ideal weight throughout life. At Benevita, we guide you to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, leading to a healthier life.

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Personalized Nutrition to Promote Healthy Life

Nutrition is a fundamental pillar in preventing biological aging. ​ ​

A regimen that adapts to age, sex, physical activity, preferences, and associated conditions contributes to maintaining a healthy body.

Body Mind Connection

As time goes by, we become more aware of our bodies. However, it is more difficult to know our minds. ​ ​

Through different techniques, we can establish such a strong connection between the two that it allows us to have a more harmonious life, generating lasting well-being. .

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