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Health Tourism

Health tourism or medical tourism refers to a trip to another country or state for medical purposes instead of traditional tourism.

This activity includes physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Cali, Colombia, is one of the most popular destinations for health tourism due to the quality of its health professionals and physical infrastructure. 

Benevita specializes in providing intensive care to those who want to obtain rejuvenation of both the mouth area and the entire face in the shortest time possible thanks to science and modern technology, today we have treatments that allow us to achieve amazing results in less time.

Benevita specializes in caring for people with Colombia as a destination for medical and dental treatments.



Smile Makeover

Benevita offers cosmetic dentistry focused on improving the appearance of your smile.


Common cosmetic dental treatments include teeth whitening, dental bonding, and veneers.


Benevita- Plan 10-10 Rejuvenecimiento facial

 Oro-facial Rejuventarion

Drs Claudia and Sandra Piedad Cardona designed the "10 Times Better Orofacial Rejuvenation System" to provide effective treatment in less time.

This program combines the best practices, the most effective procedures, and the experience acquired over the last 25 years to generate a comprehensive orofacial rejuvenation plan that will make your face and mouth look 10 times better in 10 days.

Look 10 times better in 10 days.

I received some of the most valuable attention ever, which resulted in something beautiful.

Diego Sanabria



Benevita is situated in an upscale area in the southern part of Cali, near shopping centers and restaurants.

Special Services For International Patients

Package all inclusive for patients who get 16 to 20 veneers

Ask your doctor if you are a candidate. 

Thanks for trusting us

We will be happy to provide you with the best service.

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