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Orofacial Rejuventation

Benevita offers a range of specialized treatments designed to improve face harmony. Its holistic approach combines dental and facial cosmetic treatments,

About Benevita

Unleash the Potential of a Well-Lived Life

At Benevita, we believe a beautiful smile and overall well-being go hand in hand. Harnessing the latest advancements in dentistry and aesthetic medicine, we empower you to achieve your wellness goals and embrace life with confidence.

Experience the Benevita Difference:

Integrated Care: We don't just treat smiles; we treat you. Our comprehensive approach combines cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry with aesthetic medicine solutions.
Personalized Journey: Your unique needs guide our treatments. Together, we craft a personalized plan to help you thrive.
Confidence Unleashed: Look and feel your radiant best. Let Benevita be your partner on your path to a healthier, happier you.
Holistic Approach: We focus on your complete wellness, integrating dentistry and aesthetics for a radiant you.

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How We Can Help

At Benevita, our goal is to protect your one-of-a-kind smile by designing a personalized treatment using the most advanced dental techniques and technology. ​

Advanced Dentistry

We offer a range of specialized techniques and treatments designed to address complex dental issues, enhance oral health, and improve the aesthetics of the smile.Our goal is to deliver customized, effective, and visually appealing outcomes utilizing the latest techniques.

Porcelain Veneers

These restorations are made up of very thin, highly resistant porcelain sheets that similarly replace the natural enamel of the tooth and create the illusion that the tooth has not been repaired returning the tooth to a natural-looking surface; this is because dental porcelain

Antiaging Medicine

Aging is inevitable; how you appear and feel as time passes is up to you. Our treatments foccus on slowing, preventing, or reversing the aging process. It encompasses a wide range of treatments aimed at extending lifespan, enhancing quality of life, and reducing the incidence of age-related diseases.

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Smile Design

Our comprehensive approach aims to improve the smile's aesthetics through various cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. It involves a combination of dental procedures customized to meet the patient's aesthetic desires and dental health needs. ​ ​

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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation encompasses a variety of treatments and procedures aimed at restoring a youthful appearance to the face. These treatments can address issues like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, age spots, and other signs of aging. ​

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"Look Ten times better in Just 10 Days"

In our Signature System, we combine  the best practices and most effective procedures in Medicine and Dentistry to create a comprehensive rejuvenarion of the skin, lips and teeth, resulting in a harmonious and aesthetic result.


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Antiaging Treatments

Aging is a natural process for living beings that affects not only our appearance but also our physical and emotional well-being. Our outward appearance reflects the functioning of our cells and internal organs.


At Benevita, we practice regenerative medicine, which is focused on improving the general functioning of the face, body, and mind to achieve complete well-being over time.

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Who We Are

Meet the Founders

Two sisters, Claudia Cardona, DDS, and Sandra Piedad Cardona, MD, who have worked in restorative dentistry and anti-aging medicine for 25+ years, decided to join forces and combine their knowledge to create Benevita. Their goal is to provide the most comprehensive approach in Orofacial Rejuvenation.

At Benevita, we follow an interdisciplinary approach that helps our patients maintain a healthy and harmonious life.


We Will Be Happy to Serve You

When you visit Benevita in Cali, you will have a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our commitment and dedication to our profession are reflected in the top-notch quality of our work.We listen to your needs and provide personalized care.

Ask your doctor if you are a candidate. 

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